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Don't Cry When The Sun Is Gone

the tears won't let you see the stars

Michael O'Flannery
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Hi there. My name is Michael - full name Michael Moore O'Flannery. If you're thinking that's Irish, you're right! My family's lived in Ireland since the Dark Ages - and I somehow doubt that the fact is going to change anytime soon. I grew up in the bustling town of Cois-chroi, a unique little civilization on the coast of county Clare. Why is it unique? Well, because it's a town originally established as a magical haven that eventually attracted magic sympathizers and is now a fairly modern mixed town where nobody knows who really has magic and who doesn't!

Except for the true witches and wizards, that is.

See, I'm a wizard. I am currently attending my seventh year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - continuing the O'Flanery tradition of doing so since the establishment of Hogwarts. Before that, my family learned on their own - Queen Maeve was one of my kin, or so they tell me, and if you don't know she's the one who trained young witches and wizards in Ireland before the establishment of Hogwarts! But, enough of ancient relatives. Nowadays my family is settled in comfortably as the leaders of Cois-chroi, a position we've been in for... well, for a very long time. We live in a small castle on the cliffs, called Coisceal, and that's really were I grew up. My whole family lives there. There's me, my older sister Aerin and her husband Murphy and their little tyke Connor, my mum and pa (Eleanor and Dolan), my mum's parents (Gram and Pop), my mum's brother (Uncle Seamus) and his wife (Aunt Mella) and their children (Mona and Keva, and Aedan). ...Whew. And that's only the close family.

Needless to say, I'm very people-friendly and everyone says that they can't imagine me without a smile on my face. People say that I'm "charming but not arrogant" and "kindhearted". I'd like to think that I'm generous and easygoing, too, but don't push it. I'm only easygoing 'til you try to make me bend over backwards for you, and then I sort of... lose my temper. It doesn't happen often and I feel bad for it most of the time, but the people generally deserve it. I'm told I'm pretty scary when I'm angry - I'm about six-foot-four and two hundred and five pounds, so I guess that is intimidating because most people are shorter than I am! I'm in great shape, too - I love physical activity, especially Quidditch.

Although I will admit I am kind of obsessed with Quidditch, don't think that I'm a dumb jock who can't pass class. I'm a Ravenclaw and proud of my grades - I come in at the top of almost all of my classes. It helps that I read alot, though - it makes me well-knowledgeable and also allows me a certain amount of freedom with my studies. I'm particularly adept at Transfiguration and Care of Magical Creatures, but I don't always understand Ancient Runes and I loathe Divination. I use a twelve inch wand cut from black oak that has a phoenix feather core, and I've had it ever since I started Hogwarts.

During this year of school, I'm hoping to communicate with a couple of professional Quidditch teams - I could do something academic with my life, but why not shoot for the stars?